Wild Terra 2 improves animation and adds keybinding options in-game

C'est la vie.

People get very attached to their keybinding options in video games. Don’t lie, you have strong opinions about what should happen when you hit “W” in a game, and that’s perfectly valid. This is why it’s a good thing that Wild Terra 2 has patched in a new set of keybinding options in the in-game menu, ensuring that you can ensure that the right things happen when you hit that legendary “W” key. Or any other key, really. Maybe you have strong feelings about the “E” key, too. Everyone is different.

The patch also contains some improvements to the animations for basic actions, which should make regular activity be a bit more visually pleasing on the regular. Add in some bug fixes and general quality-of-life improvements, and the patch should make people happy by offering players a lot of little improvements. Not so much players who were waiting for content, but you can’t have everything.

Source: Steam
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