Wild Terra 2 updates with the second part of Plague Island


What more awaits on the ominous Plague Island in Wild Terra 2? Tameable spiders. Yes, it’s terrifying, they’re spider pets. For those of you whom the mere suggestion of “spider” and “pet” together in the same sentence wasn’t terrifying enough, there’s also a new solo randomly generated dungeon available on the island. For those of you who saw the spider pet thing and immediately noped the heck out… well, you’re not going to get the dungeon, then.

The good news is that a spider pet is not required for the dungeon. Heck, a spider pet isn’t required at all, players can also tame a black wolf or a bat instead. There are also new trees, mineral deposits, and monsters to be found on the island for different resources, as well as new foods to cook around the campfire. It’s just important for everyone to know that spider pets are now a thing that can happen, so you can decide between adventuring on plague island and burning the whole thing with fire.

Source: Steam
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