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EVE Online’s FPS module Vanguard will have its first test on December 7 for subscribers

When CCP Games announced EVE: Vanguard, the FPS module that claims to link itself to EVE Online, many people expressed skepticism, particularly since the...

First Impressions: Tarisland has some rickety bones but some solid muscle

I admit that it can be kind of hard to process Tarisland without immediately comparing it to a certain title. I've had no emotional...

First Impressions: Perfect New World is an unbalanced mess right now with its ‘equilibrious’ test

This past week has been a mighty full one for our genre in terms of the number of beta tests that landed on our...

Tarisland takes a closer look at its inscribed stone system and inscribed stone skills as closed beta rolls on

Despite the second closed beta test of Tarisland continuing to march forth, Tencent's Level Infinite is still keen to outline features that are in...

Perfect New World’s next test gets a new class, battle royale, new areas, and a November 14 start date

Perfect New World's "equilibrious test" - aka the test that players could spin a wheel to try for an invite - has gotten a...

Tarisland previews Dark Invasions and World Bosses for its next playtest

Are you tired of thinking about multiverses yet? Tarisland sure hopes not, because its next playtest will feature the zones flagged by the Dark...

Perfect New World shares adjustment plans following last month’s closed beta test

With all of the news flying around recently, it may have been easy to forget that Perfect New World, the latest global spin-off game...
Testing my PATIENCE more like

World of Warcraft opens up the whole of Dragonflight for beta testing today

Want to test everything that's available in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight? The good news is that players who have opted into the beta may...

Wild Terra 2 updates with the second part of Plague Island

What more awaits on the ominous Plague Island in Wild Terra 2? Tameable spiders. Yes, it's terrifying, they're spider pets. For those of you...

Dual Universe is officially part of the GeForce NOW games library (but you still need to pay a sub to play it)

Raise your hand if you want to pay for a sub to access a games service and then pay a sub to access one...
two to the one to the one to the three

Bless Unleashed offers a compensation package for its final PC test event

The final PC testing period for Bless Unleashed offered some technical issues. This is not in and of itself a bad thing; the whole reason...
Leg ends

Magic: Legends explains how its ramping difficulty mechanics work

Do you want to make life harder for yourself in Magic: Legends? There are good reasons to do so, as outlined in the game's latest...
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Dual Universe shows off its recruit-a-friend program heading into beta

The best way to get someone into an MMO is via word of mouth. We accept this fact. And the best way to generate...

Crucible explains its playtest and tournament plans moving through beta

It wasn't so long ago that Crucible opted to take itself out of launch and move back into beta. (It was a couple of...

Dauntless details dye-system rework in latest dev blog

Fashion has always been a big part of Dauntless -- after all, defending the last bastions of humanity is great and all, but what's...
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Peria Chronicles has announced its first test phase starting on May 9

After a long silence, it looks like Peria Chronicles is finally moving into a state of active testing! Or it is soon, anyhow; registration for...
Upon the fields of barley etc

Camelot Unchained recaps a week’s progress while showing off animations

If you missed it, Camelot Unchained has spent the week testing. Patience? No, testing the game, and there's even an hour-long Q&A session recapping...
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OrbusVR is bringing market stalls and messages to its second closed beta

Thus far when playing OrbusVR, players have had no ability to send private messages to one another. As a result, you've had to rely...

Albion Online’s Hector update is live today

It's the last big update for Albion Online's beta test, it's named Hector, and it's here today. You can even check out a whole...
Alive again!

Diablo III temporarily removes the Necromancer from testing

And lo, it did pass that a select group of players of Diablo III were invited to test the Necromancer in the beta version...