Perfect New World shares adjustment plans following last month’s closed beta test


With all of the news flying around recently, it may have been easy to forget that Perfect New World, the latest global spin-off game from the IP, held an “exploratory closed beta test” at the beginning of May. Since then, Ironcore Game Studio has had time to digest some feedback and outline several changes.

Some of the upcoming adjustments to the Steam version of the MMO include adding more gameplay content in the open world map, introducing more class types, improving the game’s controls, adding “fair PvP” features like one-on-one fights and a battleground with new objective-focused modes, and expanding enhancement features for gear, spirit beasts, and talents. Some quality-of-life features are also planned, like better character customization and the ability to skip cutscenes.

The studio should have these adjustments ready for the game’s next test, though there are no details of when that test will be. All things considered, it might be some time until the next beta kicks off considering the list of adjustments that are on the docket.

source: Steam
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