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Perfect New World wraps up its ‘equilibrious test’ with stats and appreciation

The self-described "equilibrious test" for Perfect New World has officially concluded and the studio is happily crowing about the recent beta round's success, thanking...

Betawatch: Pax Dei, Tarisland, and Perfect New World walk into a bar

What does it mean when both Tarisland and Pax Dei launch limited time testing events on the same week? Is it just a random...

First Impressions: Perfect New World is an unbalanced mess right now with its ‘equilibrious’ test

This past week has been a mighty full one for our genre in terms of the number of beta tests that landed on our...

Perfect World’s Perfect New World has launched its ‘equilibrious’ beta test today

In case you're not already overloaded with betas right about now, here comes one more in the form of Perfect New World. No, it's...

Perfect New World’s next test gets a new class, battle royale, new areas, and a November 14 start date

Perfect New World's "equilibrious test" - aka the test that players could spin a wheel to try for an invite - has gotten a...
Peeky boo.

Betawatch: Wayfinder’s proper free-to-play launch will be in 2024

Yes, originally Wayfinder had planned to launch into full free-to-play this year. That isn't happening now, however, and the plans have officially moved into...

Perfect New World’s ‘equilibrious test’ opens up to normal signups and a daily wheel spin giveaway

Sure, you could take the boring old route of signing up for a beta test by filling out a form or adding an email...

Perfect New World shares adjustment plans following last month’s closed beta test

With all of the news flying around recently, it may have been easy to forget that Perfect New World, the latest global spin-off game...

Perfect New World shares content players can expect during its upcoming closed beta

Those who have been following Perfect New World have already seen a bit of gameplay in the MMO's initial Steam page launch, but if...
Peeky boo.

Betawatch: Wayfinder catches the delay bug

If you felt like Wayfinder was really just cruising along and fast-tracking its way to beta, well... we have a bit of bad news...

Perfect New World opens signups for a May 4 ‘exploratory’ closed beta test

Earlier this month we reported on the freshly opened Steam page of Perfect New World, an open world remake of the PC MMORPG Perfect...

Perfect New World, a Perfect World spin-off, appears on Steam

Is it truly a "perfect" world if it keeps getting remade? No matter what we make of this shallow philosophical question, we'll have to...