Perfect New World’s ‘equilibrious test’ opens up to normal signups and a daily wheel spin giveaway


Sure, you could take the boring old route of signing up for a beta test by filling out a form or adding an email to a newsletter, or you could do what Perfect New World is doing and offer beta access through daily wheel spins. Interested (and registered) fans can click on the wheel once per day for a chance at getting a “boarding pass” – aka a beta access key – or land on a magical fuel space that will slightly increase the chance of getting a key.

For those who would rather try and sign up the traditional way, the MMO’s next so-called “equilibrious test” is also taking names through a questionnaire that asks several generally unobtrusive questions about gaming habits, hardware specs, and a rough estimate of monthly gaming spend. As for the test itself, specifics were not provided beyond the promise of “exciting new content,” and those who are invited will only be able to play one time; after that, all data will be removed.

Both the normal signups and the wheel spinning signups are available between now and November 7th, while the test’s start date itself hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. Either way, there are a couple of ways to try and get in.

source: official site (1, 2)
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