Perfect World’s Perfect New World has launched its ‘equilibrious’ beta test today


In case you’re not already overloaded with betas right about now, here comes one more in the form of Perfect New World. No, it’s not New World, and it’s not even Perfect World the MMO, although the game is financed by the Chinese Perfect World Games. Yes, it’s super confusing and our game tagging system will be very cross with this point, but no matter: The game’s so-called “Equilibrious Test” is open today.

The pitch here is the MMO’s offer of nearly a dozen ways to progress, all typical for the genre, including questing, exploration, dungeons, bounties, guilds, PvP, and gathering. This leg of the test also inserts some new content, like the Dragonspear class, three new biomes (mountain plains, desertia suburbs, and mechanopolis), and two new dungeons – one of which features “Intensive Wraith Breath,” which is not that thing you get before you brush your teeth in the morning but rather a corrosive battlefield effect.

There doesn’t appear to be an NDA as players have been sharing experiences and screenshots liberally within the Discord. We’ve got a writer playing too, so stay tuned for his early thoughts.

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