Hardcore MMO Eternal Tombs shows how its team will trigger dynamic events for you


If you can get past the hardcore attitude of the upcoming Eternal Tombs (and hey, maybe that’s a desirable quality for you!), you may find something rather rare and unique to be found in this fantasy MMO. Triune Studios is building a Tomb Master system that allows its GMs to trigger dynamic events for players to experience, keeping the game world fresh and unpredictable day-to-day.

In a new video, the studio shows a sample of how the devs can trigger events in real-time using behind-the-scenes tools. Some of the triggers that devs can plant in the game world include spawns, invasions, traps, portals, holiday events, sieges, and environmental effects.

Readers will recall that Eternal Tombs was previously in development under the name War of Dragonorox until the dev team pivoted to this take. It’s not the first online game from the devs; they announced a “co-op FPS dungeon raiding survival” game called Raids of the Fallen back in 2018, but it was never finished or released.

Give it a watch to see if Eternal Tombs’ events are something that might spice up your gaming sessions, or check out the game’s new feature on the MMORPG Reddit.

The team also delivered another part of its manifesto on the pitfalls of microtransactions:

Source: YouTube. Cheers, Protobear! :D
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