Dauntless details dye-system rework in latest dev blog


Fashion has always been a big part of Dauntless — after all, defending the last bastions of humanity is great and all, but what’s the point if you don’t look snazzy while you do it? Come update 0.8.0, however, there’s going to be a major rework to the game’s dye system. For starters, dyes will no longer be sold in “big, awkward bundles.” Instead, players will be able to buy 13 different sets of “curated dye trios,” which are groups of dyes “that work well together and speak to a theme.”

This will also come with a change in pricing, with the new trios being sold for 125, 250, and 600 platinum, though what determines the price differences between different trios is unclear. Nevertheless, the devs note, “This is a step up from our current price structure, so be sure to stock up before 0.8.0 if you want to save on existing dyes.” On top of that, eight dyes — Blood Moon, White, Black, Black Pearl, Peach, Ashen Brown, Straw, and Dust — will no longer be obtainable when 0.8.0 goes live, though it’s worth noting that players will keep any and all dyes they acquire before the update hits, so if you can’t live without any of those eight dyes, you might want to make sure you get your hands on them soon.

The dye rework will also introduce “a select set of dyes that can only be obtained from powerful Heroic and Heroic+ Behemoths.” To commemorate the occasion, update 0.8.0 will debut two new colors, Subzero (deep sapphire) and Sovereign (deep emerald). And lastly, players will also be able to earn dyes by progressing along each season’s Hunt Pass Elite Track, with the upcoming season five offering the Quicksilver and Bloodlust dyes for players to commemorate their participation in the season. For the full details on the upcoming dye system changes — and to check out some previews of the new hues coming with the update — be sure to catch the full post on the game’s official site.


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I use to look forward to this game. But I’m not going to support exclusive deals.


If only Dauntless (and Monster Hunter) didn’t have end-game consisting mostly of dying – and then quitting the game after you get all the drops. Unless you want to continue dying. Good games but end-game feels like useless loss of time with zero fun – just like loot-less wipes in WoW raids ten+ years ago. Perhaps the devs should implement practices from professional boxing when the losing side get more money than the winner – or just add more arcade-like gameplay with easier mobs (time trials, hundreds trash mobs instead of a single boss, etc).

John Mclain

Been playing this game almost as long as I’ve played skyrim, it has the potential to be bigger and better than monster hunter, just needs some weapon balance tweaks (They tend to make one weapon horribly overpowered and one to two weapons horribly underpowered with each pass.) and some overall polish to the game’s slightly wonky character movement and interaction with the enviroment (Curses the 4 inch high ledges and tree stumps you have to climb over like they are freaking Everest.) and you have a genuinely excellent game.

Definitely a game worth playing, especially before they kill off half the community by moving it exclusively to that Epic gamestore sometime this summer. Oh and it’s genuinely free-to-play with virtually no pay2win. (Technically it has a tiny ammount of pay2win in being able to outright buy potions and get more monster bits after a hunt, but neither of these things are hard to obtain for free.)

Oh and they made the game much easier for new players by giving players of a ton of revives now, so even players who are kinda “meh” at monster hunter type games can complete most of the harder hunts even solo. A lot fewer new players tend to rage quit now. :P