The Daily Grind: Do your MMO characters have a sense of style?

Let me make sure that my meaning is perfectly clear here: I am not in any way calling upon you to defend your sartorial...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offers the best fashion options?

Ah yes. Fashion wars! During the MOP's discussion about which awards to give out this year, we contemplated a fashion award that would replace or...

Vitae Aeternum: New World lacks customization, but that can be fixed

Welcome to our first installment of Vitae Aeternum, an ongoing column in which multiple writers of MassivelyOP plan to bring you coverage, opinions, rants,...

Massively on the Go: Tricks abound in Pokemon Go for September and Season of Mischief

And you thought Christmas was bad! We're getting ready for Halloween already in Pokemon Go, and not just for the monthly events. The new...
Should or shouldn't?

The Daily Grind: What informs your cosmetic choices in MMOs?

The days in which it was an active debate whether or not a given MMO should have a system of cosmetics have passed us by,...

Perfect 10: Ten features I want to see in Splatoon 3

The announcement of Splatoon 3 has actually shown me that I know more Splat fans than I thought I did. Like, people who are still playing despite the lack of...

Final Fantasy XIV’s Ayumi Namae explains why newer glamour outfits look more modern

As time has moved forward, Final Fantasy XIV has produced a lot of new cosmetic outfits for players to dress up in... and they've gotten...

The Daily Grind: Are you more of a fashionista in MMOs – or in real life?

MOP's Colin proposed this topic after a bizarre conversation in the MOP team chat about our fashion sense in real life. It's probably no...

Dauntless details dye-system rework in latest dev blog

Fashion has always been a big part of Dauntless -- after all, defending the last bastions of humanity is great and all, but what's...

Rockstar partners with fashion label for Red Dead Redemption 2-inspired fashion line

If the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 (and as of this week, Red Dead Online) has you wanting a little more wild west...

Neverwinter has a free fashion bag heading your way

While it's not one of the greatest examples of such a system, Neverwinter's wardrobe does allow players to swap out their characters' armor visuals...
Complete the look.

TERA’s Aces Wild update will include wardrobe space and more flying regions

The Aces Wild update for TERA is going live on Thursday, but there are still a couple of important updates that players didn't have...

TERA adds new Hello Kitty mounts, outfits, and pets

You enjoyed the last round of Hello Kitty merchandise in TERA. This fact is not under debate. You will enjoy more Hello Kitty merchandise...

Worlds Adrift walks down the fashion runway

Cosmetics are serious business, people. And lest you think we're joking, we really are not: Players obviously care deeply about how their characters look...

Wear animals while mentoring in Moonlight Blade

What's big in fashion in Moonlight Blade for the new year? It's not animal prints -- it's animals! From accessories to costumes to weapons, the...

Perfect Ten: MMO fan fashion scenes

For some of us, having the best gear -- stat-wise -- isn't a driving force for playing MMOs. Now, the best-looking gear? That's a...
Make the things do the stuff.

EVE Online previews 12th anniversary presents for players

Did you know that tomorrow is EVE Online's 12th anniversary? It's pretty old! And as is the tradition these days, the developers are celebrating...