Wizard101’s Rate My Stitch update adds a fashion studio and rating system


Wizard101 fans are in for a treat today as the Rate My Stitch game update goes live: KingsIsle is introducing a cheeky new system that allows players to create and save outfits, model their outfits, rate other folks’ outfits, and play around in a new fashion studio. There’s even a leaderboard. A fashion leaderboard.

Given the impending arrival of April Fools’ Day, you might be tempted to think it’s a joke, but it better not be because this is amazing and every MMO needs this.

“Today’s update takes stitching to the next level by allowing Wizards to strut their stuff in official competition and rankings in the Rate My Stitch events (events to be run sometime after the update goes live). If you’re not quite ready to traverse the catwalk, you can rate others’ styles, try out new designs in the Fashion Studio, or browse the leaderboards for your next look! There will also be special Rate My Stitch events themed around different styles with lucrative rewards like new gear in the Hall of Fame. Another reward players may earn in these events is a Stitch Token reagent, which allows you to stitch or unstitch a piece of gear for free.”

There’s more to the update, including a new challenge mode that allows players to boost boss difficulty, new event rewards, the Night Mire Swamp Gauntlet, and a new PvP battlepass for 2023. Ten stars for all of your outfits!

Source: Official site, press release
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