Final Fantasy XIV’s Ayumi Namae explains why newer glamour outfits look more modern

My pay goes up every time I use this picture, because my editor loves it.

As time has moved forward, Final Fantasy XIV has produced a lot of new cosmetic outfits for players to dress up in… and they’ve gotten a lot more modern along the way. According to a recent interview on Polygon with designer Ayumi Namae, the reason for that is in no small part the mark of time and confidence in the title. Earlier cosmetic outfits had strict mandates from Square-Enix about looking more medieval in appearance and avoiding details that might seem modern or mass-produced, but as the title has brought in elements from games like Final Fantasy VII and Yo-Kai Watch, the directives have become more flexible.

Namae also explains that part of the rationale behind creating so many cosmetic outfits is simply because not every outfit will look good on every frame, with the larger shape of Roegadyn characters being particularly notable. Check out the full interview if you want to know more about the intricate challenges involved in bringing FFXIV’s real endgame challenge to life.

Source: Polygon

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