MMO Business Roundup: Guerilla Collective, PlayStation Studios, XLGAMES’ new MMO, ChinaJoy, and NCsoft’s baseball team


Welcome back to another roundup of business stories relating to MMOs – or adjacent to them. Adjacentness!

Funcom: The Norwegian MMO company will be participating in the newly announced Guerilla Collective, a “new online digital games festival to reveal fresh announcements, trailers, gameplay and more from some of the hottest developers and publishers around the world.” The event runs June 6th through 8th.

XLGAMES: MMO Culture has a brief report up on XLGAMES, which is apparently hiring for a new MMORPG project based in UE4 and localized in English. Despite claims on another site that shall remain nameless, we have absolutely no proof whatsoever that ArcheAge 2 is the game, though that sure would be awesome.

Elder Scrolls 6: Get comfy in Elder Scrolls Online, folks, because Bethsoft’s Pete Hines has said outright that Elder Scrolls 6 is queued up behind Starfield, which isn’t even close to ready. “It’s after Starfield, which you pretty much know nothing about,” he tweeted. “So if you’re coming at me for details now and not years from now, I’m failing to properly manage your expectations.”

PlayStation 5: No, the PS5 isn’t launching in October. The rumor got started when a job ad for Sony said it would, but Sony Japan has since said that was a “mistake in the recruitment site,” not the real date.

PlayStation Studios: This’d be the rather unimaginative but wholly accurate new name for Sony’s PlayStation games brand.

Ubisoft Forward: Ubisoft is moving ahead with its own “E3-style showcase” in digital format, on the evening of July 12th. The press release doesn’t mention any specific games, however.

Tokyo Game Show: The September run for the Tokyo Game Show has now been officially called off by organizers CESA and Nikkei, one more canceled event to lay at the feet of the COVID-19 pandemic. A digital event will replace the physical one.

ChinaJoy: At least one gaming con will go on, as Chinese industry reps have announced that ChinaJoy in Shanghai won’t be canceled and will indeed run in its planned July/August slot. ChinaJoy is basically the Gamescom of China, for those not aware, though this year’s will come with a slew of pandemic-inspired changes, including spaced-out booths and temperature checks. We’ll see whether that holds up.

Politics in games, literally: Politicians are apparently looking once again to online games as campaign spaces. Politico reports that Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s advisors have contemplated using something like the concerts in Fortnite for the convention or other campaign events.

Sportsball: Remember that time a few years back when we realized NCsoft has a baseball team in South Korea? It’s still true. This week, NCwest itself tweeted about the NC Dinos, which is being shown on ESPN here in the US in light of the pandemic’s impact on local sports. The fans, you guys. The fans are my favorite part of this. They said the pandemic would change life forever, but nobody ever mentioned gigantic cardboard sports fans.

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Hikari Kenzaki

A totally not real Sony Spokesperson:

“Given that gamers like to say abbreviations phonetically like WoW, ESO and TOR, we here at PlayStation Studios or P. S. S. would like to discourage you from doing so with our name.”

“We know people can find the most juvenile things funny, but we at Sony are taking this PSS seriously. We hope that everyone will enjoy PSS and that there will be some PSS in your home and everyday life. ”

“And for the rest of you. PSS off. “

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Jack Pipsam

PlayStation Studios? Oh, so like Xbox Game Studios.
Eh, that’s alright, it’s short and snappy and the two of them being similar is fine as they’re direct competition afterall, might as well make it simple to compare them in ducusision.

But… Sony ripping off the MCU logo to be cute, well that’s also like what Xbox did for their E3 a year back (although apparently this Sony thing was actually older and used before for the R&C film I think lol).
And they’re both equally are groan-worthy for doing so. The MCU intro is the MCU intro and we all know it’s the Marvel thing, so copying it is just cringe in my view. I don’t find it cute, I hate it when it’s copied. And yes I have aboustely no reason at all to be this irrationally annoyed by something tiny like the reference.
But I’m guessing Sony disabled ratings and comments on their video because everyone was also pointing they just did a rip-off lol.

So please, enough with the MCU logos!
…I swear if Nintendo does the same shit…

Robert Mann

Given how XLGames handled things with AA to begin with, I am highly leery of future offerings. There’s a lot of distrust to overcome there. Even assuming that they address issues for the western audience better than they did first go round.

Bethesda is just giving us time to see if they can climb away from the pit of AAA foulness and back into a better place. I can dig that, will find other cool games in the meantime.

Politics in games sounds like a good reason for people to be upset, and for games to be upset, as people dislike the arrogant jerks showing up in their game and/or stop playing as a result.

Video game company baseball team is STILL odd. I wonder if the profit margin dip with things going on right now will cause them to shutter that? Not a comfortable position, I would think…

Kickstarter Donor

On the Sony logo animation: I guess they’ve been watching the Marvel cinematic logo reel far too much, because this is basically the Diet Rite off-brand version of it. Interesting that they only chose a few of their western developed characters for it and nothing from the Japanese side of things. I can see reasons for it (trying to appeal more to the western audience, specifically the non-core audience that’s likely more in to those types of games only), but still lame.

Politics in games: Don’t want to get into politics too much but…no…just no. Please. Never.

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If you read the source article they mention Marvel as an inspiration. Also the logo will change

“The cinematic you’ve seen is the one that has multiple games in it. But over time, as we introduce well established franchises, we can tailor that opening a bit to possibly show the franchise over the years, new characters that have come into play… There’s a lot we can do that we’re really excited about.”

While I agree with you on the politics thing I must admit I kind of want to see the train wreck if they did a Fortnite thing too but nope as a general rule.