Rockstar partners with fashion label for Red Dead Redemption 2-inspired fashion line


If the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 (and as of this week, Red Dead Online) has you wanting a little more wild west in your wardrobe, then boy are you in luck: Rockstar Games has partnered with trendy New York fashion label Barking Irons to create a line of clothes and accessories inspired by the game’s frontier setting. Now you, too, can serve up grizzled outlaw realness with a replica of Arthur Morgan’s own gunslinger jacket or an array of old-west-inspired shirts. There is also a selection of matching bags available for some dapper accessorizing, and we can pretty confidently guarantee that they’ll actually be made from the advertised material.

You may, however, need to pull a bank heist or two before getting your hands on this RDR-inspired fashion because it doesn’t come cheap. The aforementioned gunslinger jacket will run you $250 US, and the shirts range from $92 to $150. And if you’ve got your eye on the snazzy riding duffel bag, be prepared to shell out a whopping 320 bones for it. Apparently the life of an outlaw isn’t a cheap one. But hey, if you’ve got the cash to spare and want to spruce up your threads with some cowpoke couture, you can check out the full clothing collection at Barking Irons’s site.


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