Neverwinter has a free fashion bag heading your way

While it’s not one of the greatest examples of such a system, Neverwinter’s wardrobe does allow players to swap out their characters’ armor visuals for a different ensemble. The small problem with this is that any outfits took up inventory space.

Well, no longer.

Cryptic announced this past week that a new fashion bag is on its way to the game for the upcoming Lost City of Omu module. The fashion bag will be added to the inventory window and will start out with 24 slots for outfits. This limit can be expanded for Zen, of course. And it should go without saying, but only fashion items can be thrown into this bag. No trying to stuff a horse into it; he will just say, “Neighh.”

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Melissa McDonald

Reminds me of a meet’n’greet I had with a heavy metal band once and their VIP package stated it came with a “tote bag”. This ended up being a plastic bag like you’d get at a retailer, it just had the band’s logo stamped on it. haha.


I’d prefer a system wherein you could save a few “armor set appearances.” Neverwinter has some great armor sets and some butt-ugly ones. I wish you could have a few “save armor set options” to alter your character’s appearance.

The “fashion/wardrobe” stuff in Neverwinter is pretty limited, expensive, and ugly, imo. I never use any of it. But the armors, well, that’s another story…

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Brilliant! This is a big step towards reducing my NW wardrobe migraine. Thanks guys! :)

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This is something that MJ would drool over! :P

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Is the fashion bag being delivered in a lockbox per chance? lol Oh come all know they’d totally do it if they thought they could get away with it :P

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Legend Of Vinny T

For all of Cryptic’s gamblebox faults, they’re pretty good about keeping QoL features away from real money transactions. (See also: LOTRO’s “enhanced wallet”, SWTOR’s litany of F2P hindrances.)