Bless Unleashed offers a compensation package for its final PC test event

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The final PC testing period for Bless Unleashed offered some technical issues. This is not in and of itself a bad thing; the whole reason for a technical test would be identifying and fixing these technical issues, after all. Still, the team recognizes the issues caused by the sheer number of people logging in at once, and as a result players who took part in the test are being promised additional benefits for bearing with the team during the early technical issues.

Everyone who logged in during the final test will receive a three-day SXP boost ticket, five Elixirs of Haste, and five Memory Gems VI. This is in addition to the already promised reward for final test players, to be released alongside the official full launch of the game. Players are also promised that the technical issues will not be present on the full release, which may be a bit on the hopeful side but does indicate a willingness to learn and improve based on issues. And you can still participate if you want to on Steam just by requesting access.

Source: Steam

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The only compensation package they can give that’s worth a damn is to save everyone the trouble of removing the game from people’s Steam accounts, remove the play time as well so to save people the shame that they have played the game and somehow refund the time wasted on the game and finally shut that piece of trash down and publicly apologize to the people on the planet.

Vanquesse V

If you get this angry from disliking your time with a free beta, then how do you react to structural racism or climate change I wonder


First about the game:

Why I’m so pissed about this game is because literally not a single aspect of it qualifies as a 2021 (or 2020 if we consider the console launch) game.

The graphics maxed out are ugly, the GPU and CPU are always at 100% for no reason. I can play Death Stranding maxed out and CPU is at like 40% while GPU is at 60%, because my GPU isn’t that good.

The combat is awful with the combo system where you spam LMB, then you randomly see RMB button on the screen so you spam that, there is no rhyme or reason why it is like that and it feels like you have no control over it. Also when you’re attacking, your movement is very limited for an “action” game – you can only slowly move or roll on the ground.

You can’t sprint and jump at the same time – you have to let go of the sprint button in order to be able to jump, kinda defeats the purpose…

Let’s not mention that CTRL is the default bound jump key and SPACEBAR is roll and they left ALT not bound so you have to rebound roll to ALT and jump to SPACEBAR.

The UI is still very hard to navigate for mouse and keyboard, very, VERY hard.

The zones have A LOT of invisible walls and you have very little freedom of where you can or can’t go.

There are so few NPCs you can interact with in the game.

Gear barely drops. I played like 2 hours and only got a pair of gloves and a pair of boots.

I feel sorry for how shortsighted racists are, but I live in a country where there is very little racism, not non-existent, just different ethnic groups have lived with each other for hundreds of years and are not hating one another, people are more hated due to what they do, not their DNA.

As for global warming, I’m probably a hypocrite, because I don’t care about it, I don’t deny it, but I won’t be alive to see the consequences from it so I don’t really care. I don’t pollute, I throw away my trash where it’s supposed to go and don’t waste water or electricity irresponsibly.

Krzysztof Czajka

Omg, he actually answered it


@Krzysztof Czajka

OMG this is the internet and nobody cares. There is some grass outside, I suggest you go touch it. Better to be an asshole on the internet so you can be nice to your loved ones in real life than trying to maintain an image on an MMORPG news website… :-)

Chris Johnson


Well, I’m having fun with it. It’s a beta, so there are going to be some issues. I personally haven’t experienced many. It runs very smoothly, looks good, plays well, and is generally fun!

So, I guess you could say I disagree with your assessment of the game needing to issue an apology for existing, a gross exaggeration in my opinion.

It’s simply not a game for you.

Calien McCarthy

I think this isn’t the game for you. Half the stuff you said isn’t nearly as bad as you make it out to be.
The UI is fine. It’s a bit clunky, cause it’s meant for cross platform. It’s not “Very hard” to use at all. Maybe try pressing F8 and check the hotkey bindings? Either way, it’s a whole shade better than say, TERA’s UI, which vanishes completely every time you accidentally tap a movement key.

As for gear, try crafting. At level 6 I had crafted myself a full set of gear. It was even green quality when I was done with it.

And who the f cares about pointless filler NPCs. There are plenty of quest and service NPCs in the cities. I don’t need to be able to talk to every imaginary idiot on the street and here whatever stock line was crammed into their mouth. It is literally pointless filler that detracts from actual development time.

The invisible walls part, it’s par for the course nowadays. It’s not a particularly egregious example, but yeah, it’s annoying how many gentle slopes aren’t claimable lol.

Brinto Sfj

I wonder if they will actually fix those problems. The game generally plays a lot better than the previous two incarnation but still it is quite messy. Being able to target dead mobs that have already vanished, being stuck in position after killing an enemy, graphical glitch and a whole lot more in a “final test” stage… yeah… not sure all of these will be fixed at official launch.

Vanquesse V

my biggest issues are how inconsistent queuing up your left/right click combos are and the way there’s an invisible cooldown between you letting go of a “hold button” prompt early before the game will let you start a new one