Retro-themed MMORPG Ravendawn talks up equipment and mounts


If you find yourself pining for ye olden days of isometric 2-D MMORPGs but want a new land to explore, the makers of Ravendawn would love to invite you into their domain. This Tibia-like title is working on a release for later this year, talking up different core systems as a way to get players with the program.

First up was a dev blog covering the equipment system, which features gear that is categorized by grade and tiers. Tiers specify how many different attributes and sub stats it has, while higher grades increase what values each of those are.

Next on the docket are mounts, which are definitely-not-chocobos called Moas: “A player is able to have dozens of different Moas at one time, but is only able to use one at once. Future Moas can be obtained through breeding, or from purchasing from another player who does breeding.”

Now you’re thinking about big bird sex. You may thank Ravendawn.

Finally, the dev team recently ran a contest to encourage fans to design their own spells for the game. The dev team said that it would strongly consider adding the top entries into the MMO, so we’ll see how that pans out.

Source: Ravendawn, #2, #3. Thanks Novica!
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