Lord of the Rings Online releases Update 32: Rangers and Ruins


What’s that, February? You’re already full to the gills but you can’t stop chowing down on new MMO content? Well then, open up and prepare to dine on a nice slice of Middle-earth, because Lord of the Rings Online baked a fresh update for you to enjoy.

Update 32: Rangers and Ruins arrives on the live servers today, bringing an additional mid-level zone (Angle of Mitheithel), the legendary item reward track, premium Dwarven housing in the Lonely Mountain, and buffs to the game’s newest class, the Brawler. SSG said that the long-awaited Hiddenhoard of Abnank├óra raid will go live next week on February 24th.

The studio put out a separate post explaining the legendary item reward track, saying, “As you play the game and collect Item XP it’ll progress the track throughout the season, and if you get all the way to the end there is a repeatable goal for more rewards! We’ll refresh the track every season, and the frequency, drop rate, and kind of rewards will change over time.”

Source: LOTRO, 2
You guys, they did a whole trailer!

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