Peria Chronicles has announced its first test phase starting on May 9

Never mind, I'm not real!

After a long silence, it looks like Peria Chronicles is finally moving into a state of active testing! Or it is soon, anyhow; registration for the game’s first testing phase is now open on the game’s official site, with the registrations open until May 2nd and the test itself set to start on May 9th. It’s unclear at this time just how many of the game’s promised features will be available for this test phase, which is significant when one considers the multi-faceted sandbox promises of being able to create your own worlds.

What is clear is that the title will be open for testing in Korean only at this point, so those of you who do not speak Korean are unlikely to be invited or helpful. Still, for anyone who’s been watching this game since its first announcement and had all but given up hope on it ever arriving… hey, it’s actually happening! It’s time to get hyped again.

Source: Reddit via MMO Culture; thanks to Michael for the tip!

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Mia DeSanzo

Once again my inability to speak and/or read Korean frustrates me.


It wasn’t a mobile announcement. I am so happy :)

Kickstarter Donor

A step in the right direction finally

Nemui Byakko

Yay! Incredible!!!

Kickstarter Donor

That good news indeed been following what seems forever Closers is my go too game for the moment .