Dauntless outlines progression, hunt, and reward changes coming in the Path of the Slayer update


Dauntless is preparing another big shift to its major systems in just under a week. The Path of the Slayer update is imminent, bringing changes to item and character progression, new materials and reward opportunities, and a revision to the hunt types on offer.

First off, new tutorial quests for fresh arrivals are being introduced along with updated tutorial cards that offer pretty new images and clearer instructions. Veteran players, meanwhile, will still have access to Behemoths and Hunts they’ve unlocked previously, though some of those Behemoths may now be roaming on different islands than before.

Dauntless’ new update will also feature a new map, which has a dynamic new look as well as new information for players to plan their hunt such as a Threat Level panel with details about the monster and a recommended Power level. Hunt types have also seen a shift here, with Expeditions being replaced with Elemental Patrols and Pursuits reorganized by element.

Just what are Elemental Patrols exactly? They’re a means to get Elemental Orbs, one of the new crafting materials being introduced in Path of the Slayer that lets players upgrade their low-level kit. For those on the upper echelons of gear progression, there are new Arcstone materials to collect which come in three varieties: Dull Arcstones for mid-tier gear, Shining Arcstones from Heroic hunts, and Peerless Arcstones from Heroic+ hunts. That said, specific parts broken off of Behemoths aren’t going away, so you’ll still want to break legs and cut tails, and players can earn some extra goodies at the end of the hunt for not being knocked down or for holding an Elite Pass.

The new materials tie in to a new combined progression track for Regular and Dire weapons; all weapons start at level 1 and then rise in power to a maximum of level 15. All progress currently made to your weapons and armor will be adjusted to adapt to this new system, though Power levels may be different when you next log in.

On the point of the next login, there will be extended maintenance between Monday, April 22nd, and Wednesday, April 24th, while the devs update everyone’s equipment. For now, you can get a full look at what’s to come.

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