Wild Terra 2 adds the first stage of animal husbandry and new leader animals on June 30


Soon, players of Wild Terra 2 can turn a bear leader into a mount. That’s a portion of what’s possible in the content patch scheduled for Thursday, June 30th , which introduces leader animals as well as the first stage of an animal husbandry system.

Players will be able to find as many as 15 of these rare animal types around the world, and some of them can even turned into mounts. Otherwise, players can rear four different types of animals through husbandry, just in case they aren’t too confident in their ability to bring a big angry bear to heel.

Other features in the update include greater benefits for wearing armor that’s closer to a character’s level instead of jumping forward to higher quality equipment, several fixes, and balance adjustments for things like weapons, materials, and jewelry.

Juvty Worlds also recently announced a banwave for RMT proliferators, so maybe don’t do that.

source: Steam
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