Final Fantasy XI’s Celestial Nights event reruns on July 1 with new and returning rewards


It’s that time of the year in Final Fantasy XI: The time when players get to talk to moogles, walk with a prince and princess, and stop floozies from distracting the whole affair. It’s Celestial Nights time once again, and it’s coming back to the MMORPG on Friday, July 1st.

If that introduction left you confused, then the announcement post isn’t going to be too much clearer about what the event entails, as it once again simply directs players to the location of the moogles that start the event’s quest in each major city and promises a new reward along with returning rewards from years prior. However, there’s a wiki for the whole thing to guide players along. After all, we appreciate how this game can be unfriendly to the freshly started.

The Celestial Nights event runs between July 1st and July 14th, so you have that much time to get yourself a fan with a Bomb painted on it among other goodies.

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