Dragalia Lost is getting its final story update in July followed by a later sunset

Well, bye.

Wow, we’ve never really talked about Dragalia Lost, have we? It seems as if we should have, what with it being a mobile title developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo. Those are some significant names. Let’s take a look here at what the game has been up to and… oh, it apparently is getting its final story chapter in July and is then shutting down forever at some point after that. Well, we hope that the final story involves finding that Dragalia, then.

We would also accept that the real Dragalia was the friends/dragons/upgraded high-end gear we found along the way.

To be fair, this announcement is not a surprise; players were told to anticipate this back in March, with part 1 of Chapter 26 (the aforementioned final chapter) releasing last week for players. So there has been plenty of time to process this. Still, it’s sad to see a game headed for a shutdown even if it’s been predicted. Our consolation to all players affected, and we hope you’re having fun for the moment regardless.

Source: Official Site (1, 2); thanks to Belghast for the tip!
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