Closers expands group matchmaking, makes Mock Battle weekly, and improves tooltips in new update


Regular players of Closers are likely familiar with the Mock Battle system, a seasonal challenge mode that tasks players with beating down boss monsters in the fastest time possible. As of the MMO’s newest update, the seasonal span of Mock Battle is over, replaced with weekly access to the mode instead.

This “renewal” of the Mock Battle system will now task players with trying to get a weekly high score, which will determine what rank is earned going into the next week. Players can only enter Mock Battle three times per character per day, with resets scheduled for 4:00 a.m. UTC (midnight EDT) on Saturday. The update to the system also means some new weekly rewards, while the system change is being celebrated with sales on premium Mock Battle Union Passes and Mock Battle Renewal Packages.

Another major portion of this new update is the expansion of group matchmaking for squad and investigation activities, which will now widen the search net to include players from all different channels. There’s also been an adjustment to skill tooltips to make them easier to understand, and a new option to let players choose what PNA Mutant Type to grow. It’s all outlined in the combination infographic and patch notes page.

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