Wild Terra 2’s latest update lets players bring plague to the main continent and earn faster skill XP through books


Either the devs of Wild Terra 2 are not reading the global room or they’re very keen on expanding the feature set of its Plague Island location. Very likely the latter, as a patch from last week will now let players bring plague to the main continent. The actual Plague Island itself also saw updates like the addition of the Infected Bog, a new field boss and new monsters, new loot items, and a new reward chest to the forest dungeon.

In other, less pestilent matters, the update has also added a temporary buff that lets players increase skill XP gain when they read a book, which in turn is affected by the level and quality of the book. There’s also been some changes to the world’s weather that promises more sunny days and no snow (for now), an improved display of actions in NPC windows, and more noises being uttered by animals and monsters alike. Because who wouldn’t want to hear more noises from monsters, right? Or worry that the plague can be brought to the mainland? Wild Terra 2’s world is not a nice place is what we’re getting at.

source: Steam
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