Whatever happened to wizarding survival sandbox Citadel Forged with Fire?


Since we’re in the habit of flipping through the MMO and multiplayer game backlog, we’ve decided to look back in the direction of Citadel: Forged with Fire. Readers will recall this magic-infused survival sandbox sees players exploring the world of Ignis to build magical keeps, learn skills, and craft weapons and armor to explore the world and plumb dungeons. The game made its full-fledged launch in November 2019 and was the focus of a CMA series in that same year.

When we last peeked in on Citadel, we reported on an upcoming winter update that promised a new world to explore among a variety of other features. That update, Balarok’s Revenge: The Spirit of Umbrus, went live in February, adding the dangerous new realm as well as a new summoning-centric magical essence, new tames, a new dungeon, and lots of epic gear.

After that point, the game had put out several hotfixes, held a building contest, and more recently put together a new list of official servers as several had to be closed down. Incidentally, players that were in those less populated servers can download their character data and either continue playing that same character in a single-player game or in a rented private server. That closure of servers is likely tied to the game’s currently low population, with just over 100 players in-game over the last 24-hour peak.

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