Citadel: Forged with Fire promises a new world and new features in its winter update


It’s been a minute since we checked in on Citadel: Forged with Fire. When last we peered in on this survival sandbox, it had released its Godking’s Vengeance update. Since then, the game has made some quality-of-life improvements, released a second part of Godking’s Vengeance that added a new dungeon, new monsters, and mastery level quests among other updates, and applied a host of smaller hotfixes in between.

At this current point, the devs at Blue Isle Studios have shared a roadmap this past September promising a new world, new mastery level structures, the ability to store tamed creatures, and a new essence. Some of those features — particularly the new world and creature storage — are part of an as-of-yet released winter update, which further promises that every rock, tree, and creature in this new world is entirely brand new, and that players won’t have to start fresh when this new world opens up.

What’s not elaborated on is when this new world and its feature set is coming, with the last word shared about it in late October. When it does, however, it will arrive as a free update to the game and the devs are saying that players should expect to “throw everything [they] know about Ignus out the castle window.”

source: Steam

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Is it still glitchy as hell? Having ppl steamroll ur towns due to glitches, like coming through walls, was not fun at all.

Robert Mann

PvP is largely still a combination of trying to glitch/abuse or offline raid… like every other game with the options to do so. Not that people don’t do similar things in PvE, it just generally affects other people less.