Katia Sae’s record-breaking journey through all of EVE Online is charted in a video


If you’ve read that title and are wondering who Katia Sae is and what record was broken, our own Brendan Drain will be happy to remind you: She is the Capsuleer of EVE Online player Ethan Richards who successfully visited all 7,805 systems in the game’s universe without losing a single ship. The character was even invited to the dev-only system of Polaris, had a statue in her honor created in-game, and made it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Now, to commemorate the monumental achievement, Katia Sae’s own YouTube channel posted a video that showcased the entire nearly 10 year-long journey, illustrating the route that Sae took through the space of EVE Online. It’s a remarkable look at an even more remarkable achievement, which we’ve embedded below.

source: YouTube
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