Citadel Forged With Fire launches The Godking’s Vengeance and its new quest system next week


Fans of Citadel Forged With Fire are in for a treat next week, as Citadel: The Godking’s Vengeance, a “massive free update,” is set to launch on February 5th. Apparently, it’s a two-parter.

“Help Gembok, one of the last living Priests of Neshan as he investigates sudden and mysterious changes throughout the land. Step into the world, unravel deep mysteries and meet legends of Ignus who have devoted their lives to solving ancient mysteries. The Godking’s Vengeance is part one of two huge expansions coming to the base Citadel game. In this update, players can choose to embark on a hero’s journey spanning the entire game, with quests and storylines starting at level one, all the way through to level sixty. Part two of this update will launch later this year and feature the epic conclusion to our story along with new features, structures and new deadly creatures throughout the world.”

Yep, we said quests – there’s a new quests system in the game, with both a main quest and side quests, quest journal, event log, and fun things like dyes and better creature loot on the side.

Citadel Forged With Fire is a buy-to-play MMO survival sandbox that left early access late in 2019. MOP’s own Choose My Adventure columnist Chris Neal explored the game in-depth around the launch, coming to enjoy the survival mechanics in the end.

Source: Steam

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

Got this one last month and was quite impressed with the systems on it. Good to hear it’s getting more quests, since I’m not a builder kind of person.


They need to fix a lot of game breaking bugs, like TP’ing into homes and what not. I doubt it’s been fixed.

Robert Mann

PvP is PvP. It’s always got exploits and game-breaking actions by players. I’ve yet to see a game actually stop it, as the people who do so just buy a new throw-away account so long as they get long enough to grief somebody.


Nice my Dam/Fortress complex is almost done and I was wondering what I’d do after that.