Wild Terra 2 releases a new update soon following the team’s bout with Covid


The good news about Wild Terra 2 is that the project hasn’t been abandoned; the team just had an extended bout with COVID that slowed up production. That is also the bad news. Fortunately, the team recovering means that things are moving again, and that also means more previews and promises coming your way if you’re a fan of what the team has managed so far. Heck, it means a new patch coming out today, which should get fans excited.

So what’s in the patch? Stuff! Specifically, stuff like a new board with daily quests added to larger settlements, new skills for Swords, Axes, and Maces, new abilities for Agriculture, and the usual set of improvements and bugfixes as problems are trimmed up. Players can also get in a little cheaper as the game is offering a Lunar New Year sale discount of 50% through February 3rd, so if you’re curious and want to see what it has to offer, now is the time.

Source: Steam
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