Bless Unleashed’s content roadmap will be impacted by its sudden publisher change

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Yesterday, we covered the distressing news that Neowiz and Round8Studio have apparently begun disentangling themselves from Bless Unleashed’s PC version, turning that version of Bless over to publisher Valofe, which is well-known for its stewardship of declining overseas titles. While the company didn’t exactly say why it was sending off a game that only just launched this past summer, we surmised that the playerbase drop of 90% since August might have something to do with it.

In any case, while Neowiz, Round8, and Valofe haven’t answered that open question, they did post a service transfer FAQ for befuddled players. The studios assure players that they won’t lose their accounts or characters, that they can keep playing through Steam and won’t need to create a Valofe VFUN account, and that their purchases will remain intact. However, the game’s roadmap is being driven off-course, suggesting that this move was a bit sudden.

“We tried to follow the update schedule promised in the roadmap, but it’s getting delayed due to the service transfer,” the team says. “We will make efforts to share the update schedule as soon as the review of the future update plan by VALOFE is done.” That roadmap, from October, originally promised quite a bit of content, including the Assassin in February as well as the new profession system, guild estates, and new story content through the first half of next year. It’s no longer clear whether or when any of that is happening now.

Source: Steam
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