Bless Unleashed PC plans new skills and blessings, an Assassin class, and a profession system in roadmap

And... NO.

Round 8 Studio has a lot of things planned for the PC version of Bless Unleashed. So many things, in fact, that it’s laid out a roadmap that reaches out from this month all the way into the first half of next year. Starting with this month, players can look forward to a new PvP season, a new five-player Lair, a PvP flag system, and six new level 40 Time Dungeons.

The update plans don’t stop there, of course. The MMORPG will see a new equipment grade and dungeon difficulty options in November; new skills and blessings and GvG content in December; new episode content and a preset system for gear and skills in January; and the release of the Assassin class and new main story content in February. As for the first half of 2022, players can look forward to expanded GvG content, a profession system, guild estates, a new battlefield, and even more main story quests in the Eidolon Forest.

Fans can check out the full roadmap in the image below by clicking to expand it as well as a video with director Koven Park after the cut.

source: Steam
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