TERA Console preps Halloween event, gives out October surprise


In the parlance of politics, an “October surprise” is a nasty shock that changes things right before an election. For TERA Console players, however, it’s a delightful announcement of a free present.

Bluehole gave a heads-up that all TERA Console players can enter the code HAPPYOCTOBER and receive a free gift after maintenance on October 14th. No specifics about the gift was given, but hey, free is free.

And speaking of upcoming events, Halloween is set to start in the MMO on October 22nd. During the event, players can trick or treat from Hallow Gourdo (if they can find it), grab daily gifts, and squash pies for additional rewards. You know, as one does when one receives a pie. Just don’t tell Thanksgiving, she’d totally break down in tears if she heard how you were treating her desserts.

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