Bless Online is getting an Xbox One version from Bandai Namco as ‘Bless Unleashed’


Bless is coming to console, y’all, and it’s doing so under Bandai Namco’s banner.

“BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today announced Bless Unleashed, a new free-to-play MMORPG experience coming first to the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X. Developed by Round 8 Studio of NEOWIZ, players will dive into an epic multiplayer journey across a vibrant persistent world where gods and mythical beasts exist. Bless Unleashed takes place in an untamed world with a rich backstory created with hardcore MMO gamers in mind. With deep combo-driven mechanics, player customization and cooperative (PvE) and competitive (PvP) multiplayer, there is an endless amount of content and gameplay possibilities to keep players engaged. The game utilizes the Unreal Engine 4, bringing unparalleled visuals to a fully realized fantasy world, offering one of the most stunning MMORPGs produced on a console platform. Players can enter an open persistent world where mythical beasts roam the land with integrated players-vs-player (PVP) mode. Five classic fantasy classes will be available for players to choose, from an arcane-wielding Mage to a bloodthirsty Berserker.”

BN’s Joon Hwang says the game will “takes the gameplay depth and community of an MMORPG and sets itself apart to create a new console RPG experience featuring fast-paced combat and beautifully rendered graphics.” PlayStation 4 is not mentioned, so this is just for Xbone for now.

MMORPG players have been watching Bless all summer as its western port disappointed audiences and reviewers alike and has struggled to right itself during its paid early access beta. The PC version of the game was originally announced in 2011.

We’ve updated this piece to reflect Neowiz’s email to us clarifying that it’s not a direct port but rather a “whole new game, built from the ground up in Unreal 4 with a focus on consoles. New story, new combat, new content, etc.”

Source: Press release, official site

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Kickstarter Donor
3 years ago

The small Bless community left seems overjoyed with this news…

A Dad Supreme(@a_dad_supreme)
3 years ago

Aww… Xbone always gets the best games… :P

No wonder they outsell PS4.

Brother Maynard(@brother_maynard)
3 years ago

Dear Neowiz,

In preparation for all the future launches of Bless, including – but not limited to: Bless PS4, Bless PS5 – PS10, Bless GoG, Bless Steam Unshackled, Bless Remastered Korea, Bless Remastered Japan, Bless Remastered Everywhere, Bless World, Bless Universe, Bless Many-Worlds Legendary Mountain Dew Edition and Bless Totally-Unflogged-Honestly edition, I took the liberty of researching some useful stuff for you:

1) “Whole new epic experience with stunning visuals and unparalleled persistent journey with competitive storytelling and emotional PvP.”

2) “Totally brand new heroic event with wonderful graphics and matchless continuous trip with ambitious narrative and sentimental PvP.”

3) “Completely unfamiliar ambitious affair with staggering artwork and unsurpassed continual progress with aggressive fabrications and ardent PvP.”

4) “Aggregate modern exalted empiricism accompanied by astounding visual imagery and superlative continuous expedition with combative prevarications and histrionic PvP.”

Looking forward to your future press releases.

Sincerely yours,

Big Legendary Enthusiast for Spectacular Synonyms

Arsin Halfmoon(@arsin_halfmoon)
3 years ago

Did they announce world of bless yet? Or bless wars 2? I’m personally waiting for bless, the old republic

Mizpyra G. Irl(@mizpyra_g_irl)
3 years ago

Ok so does that mean that XB1 players will “betatest this version” for the benefit of a 4th (or 5th? lost the count) re-re-release on PC afterwards?

Brother Maynard(@brother_maynard)
3 years ago

Seeing all their press releases, the only thing that this developer got right was its custom-built electronic thesaurus.

3 years ago

“gameplay depth”, “community of an MMORPG”, “a new console RPG experience”, “fast-paced combat”
This is a joke, right?

Daniel Miller(@daniel_miller)
3 years ago

ok lol,

ue4, dont believe it. jp kr steam ue3.
f2p, not even steam is

and what…. neowiz sold its rights again? jp is one pub, steam a second, now Bandai a 3rd. Um how do they intend to update game. Leet alone ue 3 and now 4.

3 years ago

*walks in, reads “hardcore MMO gamers in mind” , shakes head, walks back out*

3 years ago

Not sure if serious… <.<

3 years ago

Well I honestly hope now that everyone on pc that is left just stops playing and demands the same treatment. Bless for PC with UE4 and not p2w model.