Lord of the Rings Online patch buffs Wardens and restricts chat spam

While Lord of the Rings Online tests and readies the Grey Mountain content update for the near future, players are on the receiving end of a smaller patch that went live yesterday.

Update 22.5 made several improvements and adjustments to the Warden and its trait trees. This looks to be an across-the-board buff to the class, with tweaks to its Blue and Red lines and the permission for different Warden DoTs to stack.

The patch also fixed a few visual issues, “restored some missing water in The Marish,” and brought back chat restrictions for global channels to combat “malicious issues and spam.”

YouTuber Andang posted a new video that shows the changes to game maps with Update 23:

Source: Patch notes
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While not exactly Lotro related it is Lord of the Rings related. Humble Bundle are doing a bundle for the Lord of the Rings pen and paper rpg. $15 for bunch of books and it also include some lovely maps of various parts of Middle Earth.

Even if you never run a campaign there is some great lore and background stuff in here along with the aforementioned maps. Not going to post a link as I don’t think that is fair on mop as its not directly related but I am sure you are all capable of finding it if interested.

Um it does come with a free Star Trek Online bundle too apparently though I am not sure if that is exclusive to the above or its something you can just get. Bundle includes: Phoenix Lock Boxes, Mercenary Uniform, XP Boost, and Bridge Officer.

Again go look as I am not posting links.

(Please delete if I am breaking some posting rule or other .)

drew who

I noticed that too , looks interesting .

As another unrelated side note to anyone interested steam has For Honor free at the moment too .