Bless Unleashed PC adds a Potential system, a dimensional dungeon, and new equipment in latest patch


The word “potential” is capitalized in that headline for a reason, since Bless Unleashed on PC has added what is being called a Potential system in the latest patch that improves characters on an account; it’s not a potential system that will be added later or something in the works. It’s live. It’s real. It functional (now that it’s been hotfixed).

This new Potential system sees players equip Potential cores, applying effects that are shared across all characters in an account. Getting a Potential core is a matter of going to the Ancient Altar UI and either using a Superior Potentialer for free every day or drawing five fragments in Superior Potentialer and using them at a 50% discounted price once a week. Potential cores can further be improved through fusion, though the fusion result will be random regardless of the fusion target and materials.

The latest patch also brings a new dimensional dungeon, which offers a challenge that’s greater than regular dungeons and increases in difficulty over the course of its 10 phases. Moving through this new dungeon rewards Dimensional Stones, which can be traded to a merchant for rare rewards. In addition, the update has added 22 necklaces and 22 rings between levels 35 and 40, new S+ Battlefield equipment, new effects on accessories, and the addition of a regrant runes function. There are also some new goodies in the cash shop such as a new mount and cosmetic wings.

The update went out this past Monday and has already seen a hotfix to address crashing issues and Potential cores disappearing randomly. So now there shouldn’t be any lost Potential. Ha ha ha.

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