Bless Unleashed PC preps November 29 update with new dimensional dungeons


Bless Unleashed is gearing up for a big PC update next week after the Thanksgiving holiday has died down, so prepare yourselves for the Monday, November 29th release ahead of time.

Round8 Studio’s dev blog on the update is sparse on details and yet also pretty granular; it’s promising a regrant runes option at the equipment specialist, the new “potential system” for using potential cores to boost your stats, the new “ancient” enhancement grade, another tier of battlefield equipment, new unbinding scrolls for S and S+ tier gear, some stunning new costumes, new attendance rewards, and a new “dimensional dungeon.”

“A dimensional dungeon that is stronger than the previous dungeons is coming soon. Multiple phases are in a dimensional dungeon, and players can test their limit in this place. Together with a Dimensional Dungeon, the Golden Key Traders support those players who are trying to obtain a rare stone that can only be obtained from these Dimensional Dungeons. Also, ‘Dimensional Stone,’ a reward of Dimensional Dungeon, will be added as a new currency, and rare products can be purchased using Dimensional Stones.”

Players will want to thumb through the whole list, as the studio is also changing the timing on some prestige quests.

Source: Steam
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