Bless Unleashed PC adds new lair challenge, field boss, and PvP season in latest update


Last week brought a bunch of new things for players of Bless Unleashed to fight, whether it’s a big angry dragon, a big spooky ghost, or each other in the latest PvP season. Basically, this latest patch has lots of things to swing a weapon at.

The time dungeon rotation has once more been updated, and included in the list of content is a new lair challenge featuring a battle with the dragon Elfirkraag. Expect a surprisingly chonky dragon and a whole lot of fire for this encounter. If you prefer to beat on a spooky mage ghost instead, the new Twisted Void Soulraiser field boss, found in North Sperios, might be just up your weirdly specific alley.

The other marquee attraction for this update is the start of the new PvP season for 15v15 battlefield and 3v3 warlords arena. This new season, dubbed Rising Dawn, has what PvPers of the MMORPG have come to expect such as rankings, challenges, and lots of rewards to hoover up for smacking your fellow player characters.

In addition, there’s a new 1v1 duel system added, some changes to several class blessings, the opportunity to get an alchemy stone when salvaging S equpiment, and updates to gathering, crafting, and quests among other things. The patch notes are full of details, while the videos below are full of monsters.


source: Steam
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