Continent of the Ninth Seal is moving over to Valofe from Webzen for publishing

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If you had some deep attachment to Webzen because the company was behind the publishing of Continent of the Ninth Seal, today’s news will be sad, as it has just been announced that Valofe will take over publishing duties for the title soon, with a specific date of transfer to be announced later. No progress will be lost as players migrate accounts, and there’s a care package for the title included for players who migrate now, but microtransaction currency will not be migrated to the new platform. So spend that now, maybe.

Readers with good memories will remember that this has become a recurring theme for Webzen over the past couple of years, with MU Legend moving over to Valofe as well and Flyff reverting its publishing rights back to the original creators. That doesn’t speak well for the long-term future of Webzen in the west, although it seems like Valofe is at least promising more content coming to C9. Although that was also Valofe’s promise with Riders of Icarus, which… remained slow.

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Seems not that many games remain under webzen(that absorbed gpotato years ago) nowadays. Makes me wonder if they are slowly headed into retirement