Riders of Icarus’ new publisher vows to ‘keep it more active’ post-Nexon


Back in 2016, one of the fresh new games that rolled off the Nexon assembly line was Riders of Icarus. Our impressions of it back then and most recently haven’t really changed: It’s a passable title, pleasant and functional and even comfortable, but with nothing to truly set it off from the crowd – and Nexon hasn’t done all that much with it in the last couple of years either.

Perhaps that’s also why Nexon gave it up amidst what appears to be extreme corporate turmoil back home. At the end of July, we reported that Nexon’s contract for the game was being allowed to run out, but the game was set to continue under Valofe Global with no data loss along the way. That transfer is now complete as of this week, and the new publisher is already making plans and promises.

“A lot of contents are being prepared by Team VALOFE, The New 50 Quest, bunch of events and the New Infinite Party Dungeon (Ellora‚Äôs Trial) that will release really soon!” Valofe’s PR says. “The New Infinite Dungeon designs to keep you well geared because of the fantastic rewards, also it keeps you the hype with a lot of challenging monsters and bosses. As Riders of Icarus found its new home, Team VALOFE promise to keep it more active to the community of Icarus. In order to do that they prepared the New 50 Quest with a bunch of new surprises that will be given out to all players.”

Source: Press release, new website
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