Fresh off sacking Peria Chronicles, Nexon loses a pair of top execs

Can't wait to see what's next here?

Earlier this week, we wrote that Nexon had suspended development of MMORPG Peria Chronicles, which began beta testing in Korea this past spring, having determined that the game “could not satisfy the user” in spite of how much money had been sunk into the title.

As it turns out, there’s more bad news for the company, as MMO Culture reports that top top Nexon exceutives – Director and Chief Operating Officer Jiwon Park and Vice President of Game Development Sangwon Chung – are leaving the company.

Jiwon Park in particular is a big blow; prior to being named COO in 2018, he was a key supporter of one of Nexon’s top titles overseas, Dungeon & Fighter.

Nexon appears to be in the midst of a major reorganization involving some slash-and-burn following a failure of its owners to sell it earlier this year: It lost stock value, suffered financially, merged mobile and PC businesses, let contracts run out, and worst of all, laid off large swathes of its overseas employees. Most recently, we learned that Nexon’s employee union has applied and been granted a permit to conduct a demonstration in front of Nexon’s Seoul HQ next week on September 3rd to agitate for better communication regarding local job security, though so far Nexon’s laid off only western workers.

Source: MMO Culture

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Jeremy Barnes

If they’ve been doing so poorly…are they really “losing” them?


I don’t get what you’re saying. Clarification, please?

I’d think of course they are losing them. They are leaving the company and were of high ranks that were not going to be let go. One of them is a key figure behind supporting one of the biggest money-making games on PC in the entire world.