Rumor: Nexon may be merging its PC and mobile businesses following canceled company sale


Over the course of 2019, we’ve watched as Nexon’s founding family put its controlling interest up for bid, seeking as much as $9B for the whole shebang. But after months of wild speculation over which companies might enter the fray and then watching the likes of Kakao and Netmarble submit bids, in June we learned that patriarch Kim Jung-ju has decided not to sell the familial stake after all, with rumors swirling that negotiations had stalled out over the purchase price. And that caused a stock dip in response.

Well, now it seems as if Nexon is moving on to a new phase: an internal reorganization that would see its PC and mobile businesses merged together. Korean games industry publication, as picked up by MMO Culture, reports on the rumor that there will be a “tightening of projects such as restructuring projects with low commercial value,” though Nexon has apparently said it won’t be conducting layoffs of any of its 6000 employees.


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Chosenxeno .

Nexon knows that Bubble is going to pop soon…

Bruno Brito

So, they basically will do what they did with their games monetization years ago.

Because, let’s be honest here, Nexon titles are pretty much on the level of mobile cashcows.

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Jack Pipsam

I legitimately didn’t even know they were separate entities to start with.

Still if they can do it without laying anyone off, major kudos to them.