The best MMO sales and events of Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2020

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are pretty different in 2020 than in past years, but the online gaming sales and events? They're eternal. Join us...

Trove’s insane Turkeytopia event returns with free wings

Does Trove have the best Thanksgiving event in the MMO biz? Turkeytopia certainly does double-down on the whole theme of hunting, dressing...

PSA: ARK: Survival Evolved is free this weekend (and on sale)

World of Warcraft isn't the only online game that's hoping to lure in players with a free weekend; ARK: Survival Evolved also...
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Ashes of Creation plans for more testers and resuming cosmetic sales

The latest Ashes of Creation dispatch from creative director Steven Sharif will no doubt put the minds of fans at ease. Sharif states...

The MMOs of the 2020 Steam Summer Sale

After the winter and spring we just had, the last place I want to "get away" to is "my gaming PC", but unfortunately for...
Behold. Nothing.

Chronicles of Elyria postpones its unsold land sales with a date still to be determined

As you may recall, Chronicles of Elyria touted that it was running a big event recently with its "Settlers of Elyria" event, which...

The MMOs of the Steam winter 2019 sale

Valve's summer winter sale has arrived, bad gateways and all, along with a dopey (sorry) winter market minigame thinger. Here's everything that caught...

Chronicles of Elyria starts selling $75 Longest Night advent calendars

There has to be a measure of masochistic joy in stocking up account items that you can't use (yet) for a game that is...

The best MMO sales of Black Friday 2019 (so far)

True story, Thanksgiving is not at all my favorite holiday, but I absolutely love the online sales that follow it, especially when I don't...

PSA: Lord of the Rings Online is slashing prices for the Helm’s Deep expansion

Lord of the Rings Online is notoriously reluctant to give any sort of price reductions for its expansions, so it's a good week...

Echo of Soul takes a trip to the beach, sells for under a buck

Who needs to go home and treat games like work when it's the middle of the summer? Let's all take a cue from

Rumor: Nexon may be merging its PC and mobile businesses following canceled company sale

Over the course of 2019, we've watched as Nexon's founding family put its controlling interest up for bid, seeking as much as $9B...

Final Fantasy XIV starts selling skips to get you started in Shadowbringers

While there are plenty of Final Fantasy XIV players who were ready to charge into Shadowbringers the very second early access started,...

Nexon’s stock dips following rumors that its massive buyout has been canceled

After many months of speculation on who exactly would be allowed to bid on Nexon by buying out its founding family's controlling stake in...

The MMOs of the Steam Summer 2019 Sale

Valve's summer Steam sale is once again upon us, this year with a cute racing theme and minigame for folks into that. Here's...

Buying too many games in the Epic Games Store could see your account locked down

You just can't make up stuff like this, friends: It turns out that doing something silly like taking advantage of sales in the Epic...
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Ashes of Creation is rotating in a new set of cosmetic items for pre-orders

So we all know that the Ashes of Creation alpha testing and planned launch has seen delays and that Intrepid has been rolling...
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The Division 2 players datamine Dark Hours information as box sales get off to a slow start

Fans of The Division 2 have started to explore the game in the playing-for-keeps world of launch over the weekend, and the game's subreddit...
It feels faintly telling, yes.

World of Warcraft offers discounted race changes, faction changes, and character transfers ahead of tomorrow’s patch

Tomorrow, World of Warcraft's newest allied races -- the Kul Tiran Humans and the Zandalari Trolls -- join the Battle for Azeroth,...

The Stream Team: Boundless is having a freebie weekend, so we’re streaming it!

Free weekends are a perfect time to check out a game you might be interested in but are unsure if it really fits. This...