The MMOs of the 2020 Steam Summer Sale


After the winter and spring we just had, the last place I want to “get away” to is “my gaming PC”, but unfortunately for those of us in the US, that continues to be the safest destination, so you may as well enjoy Valve’s summer road trip and summer sale.

The sale actually began last night, but it was its traditional messy, inaccessible trainwreck, so if you mosey on over now, you’ll have a better chance of being able to actually browse. Notably, we spied…

Feel free to holler in the comments if you spot a sale for something multiplayer or just plain fun that everyone ought to know about!


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Malcolm Swoboda

Haha I either have it already, or I’m only interested once its 66-75% off.

And yeah Conan is next week Epic.

“Citadel Forged With Fire is more than off.” XD

Really all I’m caring about is if FFXIV did a half off subs promo…


Just an FYI, Conan Exiles will be next week’s free Epic game. So probably best to wait for that if you don’t have a problem using their store.