The best MMO sales and events of Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2020


Thanksgiving and Black Friday are pretty different in 2020 than in past years, but the online gaming sales and events? They’re eternal. Join us for a run-down of all the best MMO events and Black Friday 2020 sales live now on Steam and elsewhere! (And no, these aren’t affiliate links!)

Aion – NCsoft’s got a “Black Cloud Friday” promo set running with “several account-limited bundle items, such as the Stigma Enchantment Bundle, Gear Enchantment Bundle, and Legendary Transformation Special Bundle.”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Turkey Day begins tomorrow!

ArcheAge Unchained – Under 10 bucks on Steam now.

Ark Survival Evolved – Turkey Trial 4 is up and running now with double everything rates plus special critters and skins. The base PC game is a whopping 80% off on Steam.

Astroneer – Under $20 on Steam.

Atlas – Under five bucks on Steam.

Black Desert Console – There’s a sweet redeemable coupon for ya.

Black Desert Mobile – Up to 90% off on cash shop items.

Black Desert PC – As usual, BDO has gobs of events and sales. Make sure you pick up your season server coupons and claim your mailed gifts! It’s $3 on Steam too.

Blade & Soul – NCsoft has a Hongmoon coin promo running in addition to the ongoing Golden Harvest Festival.

Boundless – Under $20 on Steam.

Broke Protocol – Down to just two buckaroos.

Champions Online – Cryptic has a Zen charge bonus live.

Citadel Forged With Fire – Half off on Steam.

Conan Exiles – Up to 43% off, including some of the bundles and DLC.

Continent of the Ninth Seal – Here’s a fun one as this game actually has a Black Friday-specific in-game event, including the Chaos Arena, which is definitely what you can expect going into a store on Black Friday, but especially right now during COVID. Don’t do it, friendos.

Crowfall – ArtCraft is running multiple promotions and sales aimed at both new members and guilds in particular.

Dark Age of Camelot – Currently partying hard with the Harvest Celebration.

Dark and Light – It’s down to 10 bucks.

Dauntless – Ramsgiving is back starting today! “This year, we’re introducing a number of new offerings to the store, as well as bringing fan-favourite items and new curiosities to the shop of a returning vendor in Ramsgate: Honest Ozz.”

DC Universe Online – Daybreak’s got a Bonus Source Marks event on, with 25% off source mark packs and 50% off some gear.

Defiance 2050 – Gamigo is running 70% discounts on starter packs, among other offers. Plus, the holiday events are running: “From November 23, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. PT / 18:00 CET until December 7, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. PT / 18:00 CET travel through the open world and participate in the listed minor and major Arkfalls to qualify for the Poultromancer Sawed-Off Shotgun!”

Destiny II – Bungie’s got the merch shop up to 60% off, and a chunk of its DLC are on sale too.

Diablo III – You can get the base game for $10 at the moment.

Dungeons & Dragons OnlineDDO is putting gobs of stuff on sale, including some expansion bundles.

Elder Scrolls Online – “Black Fredas” marks the cheapest Greymoor has ever been at 67% off. Crown store bundles are on sale too. The Undaunted Celebration itself has been bumped to next week.

Elite Dangerous – Don’t forget Elite’s free on the Epic Games Store right now, barring any residual bugs. Or you can pay 7 bucks or so on Steam. You pick.

Elsword – El Mega Day is now a thing.

EverQuest – The “Feast of Giving 2020” offers 20% off bags plus bonus XP through next week.

Fallout 76 – It’s around $13 on the Bethsoft store and Steam.

Final Fantasy XIV – Shadowbringers is down to 20 bucks, while the complete edition on Steam is around $32.

Foxhole – It’s $12.99 on Steam right now.

Gloria Victis – Its supporter bundle is almost half off.

Grim Dawn – OK, it’s not an real MMO, but you’re gonna like it anyway, especially since it’s so cheap right now.

GTAO – It’s $15 through Steam.

Guild Wars – It’s “special treats week” in the classic MMO. Through November 28th.

Guild Wars 2 – Anet is running sales and handing out freebies all weekend, so log in to claim yours. Notably, character slots are 30% off Friday, bank tabs are 30% off Sunday, and shared inventory slots are 20% off Monday. There are sales for the expansion deluxe upgrades and living world seasons you may have missed too.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Niantic is running two test events this week: Tonic for Trace Detection Spotlight (today) and Knight Bus Spotlight (tomorrow).

Last Oasis – Steam has it at a third off.

Lineage II – Yep, NCsoft’s put goodies in both Lineage II and Lineage II Classic on sale.

Lord of the Rings Online – Expect half off on expansions as well as races and classes.

MapleStory – Nexon is running an absolutely insane sale, a new one every day through Monday.

Meadow – The Might and Delight bundle is around $15.

Monster Hunter World – Steam’s marked it down to over a third off.

Neverwinter – Everything in the cash shop is 30% off, plus there are some limited-time bundles and bonus campaign currency this weekend.

No Man’s Sky – It’s 30 bucks on Steam and worth every penny.

Old School Runescape – Buncha merch on sale.

Osiris New Dawn – Steam has it at half off.

Outlaws of the Old West – Under $10 on Steam.

Phantasy Star Online 2 – Hey, a new game on this year’s list! Its Thanksgiving festival runs through December 8th.

Pixark – Hey, I’d almost forgotten about this game, but it’s rolled out Thanksgiving! Expect a banquet, pardoned turkey, decor, food, and a new critter too.

PlanetSide 2 – Thanksgiving coincides with the game’s 8th anniversary; there’s a bunch of bundles on sale right now.

Portal Knights – Steam has it down to $7.99.

Project Gorgon – 33% off on Steam.

Red Dead Online – The big sale starts next week when the game is $5, but right now there are 30-40% off sales running for outfits, weapons, and saddles.

Runes of Magic – The Autumn Banquet is already waiting for you.

Sea of Thieves – Rare’s handing out freebies through Twitch drops this weekend. It’s $30 on Steam.

Secret World Legends – Up to 60% off on Steam.

Skyforge – has put a ton of sales up to half off in-game (on PC).

Star Citizen – It’s not technically a Thanksgiving event, but the free-fly is on anyway.

Star Trek Online – Black Friday: The Final Frontier has arrived; Cryptic’s calling it “one of its biggest sales ever.”

Staxel – Under $8 on Steam.

TERA – TERA’s console edition is running multiple events through the weekend.

Torchlight III – It’s already 40% off.

Trove – Turkeytopia is back again! We’ll be streaming this on Thanksgiving night, so stay tuned to OPTV.

Valnir Rok – $10 on Steam.

Warframe – Merch is on sale right now with goodies up to 40% off, plus DE’s got a sale on in-game items.

Wild Terra – Up to 50% off on Steam.

World of Warcraft – If you’re playing WoW right now, you’re probably busy in Shadowlands, but hey, Pilgrim’s Bounty is live through Monday in case you need a break from the new stuff. The Blizzard gear store has a ton of sales running too.

Wurm Unlimited – It’s marked down to just over $7.

The Yellow King – Half off on Steam.

Xsyon – It’s 67% off.

Spot anything we missed? Help your fellow readers out by dropping it in the comments!

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