Final Fantasy XI turns on bonus campaigns and welcomes players back starting on Friday


Final Fantasy XI wants you to come back to hang out. No, really, it’s even putting on its summer best and everything. The game is kicking off a wide assortment of bonus campaigns starting on Friday, August 5th, from doubled experience point and capacity point gains to reward boosts in high-tier battlefields. If you’ve got a goal to accomplish in the game, odds are high that it’ll be accomplished faster and more efficiently when the bonus campaigns start up on the 5th.

If that’s enough to get you interested in playing the game again? That’s great; there’s a return home to Vana’diel campaign for lapsed players to log in and enjoy all that the game has to offer free of charge starting on the same day. And if you’re missing an expansion or two (or three or whatever) you can take advantage of a sale covering the game and its expansions, the most recent expansion, or just transferring to another world for cheaper than usual.

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