Steam tries out some new store filtering tools during its Winter Sale


How damaged has your wallet been since Steam started its Winter Sale this year? Or have you been mostly window shopping? In either case, you may have noticed a number of new features that are being used in the storefront to tailor the experience to your tastes. That’s part of Steam’s latest experiment, which has added tools to let users browse games in the sale by genre or theme.

The sale page has collections of games on individual pages like one for popular co-op titles that collect several games based on shared tags, themes, or moods. If you prefer to put together your own bespoke shop page, the faceted browsing tool lets you arrange games on sale based on selecting Visuals and Viewpoint or Theme and Mood. Any number of these facets can be activated at a time from both sections to help Steam find on-sale items that speak to your given mood.

These new functions are promised to be the first of many that will expand on faceted browsing tools as well as additional browsing experiments and new store discovery solutions going in to the new year.

source: Steam
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