Iron Harvest announces Operation Eagle standalone expansion for May 27, free weekend now


Multiplayer RTS Iron Harvest 1920 has taken the wraps off its first major expansion, Operation Eagle, launching May 27th. The headline feature of this expansion is a new playable faction. Rather than any of the factions already hinted at in-game, it’s the heretofore unmentioned Usonia, which is inspired by the United States. Usonia will feature over twenty new units, three new heroes, and its own story campaign, playable solo or co-op. Other features of this expansion include the addition of air units to all factions, new multiplayer maps, and “new playable allies from a yet to be revealed secret faction.”

Operation Eagle is a standalone expansion that will not require the base game to play, retailing for 19,99€, or free to owners of the deluxe edition. Players who own only Operation Eagle will still be able to play multiplayer, though they will be limited to playing only as Usonia or Polania. Meanwhile owners of the base game who don’t upgrade to Operation Eagle will still be able to enjoy the new air units and play against Usonian players, but they will not be able to play as Usonia in multiplayer or experience its campaign.

If you haven’t taken the plunge on Iron Harvest yet, now’s the perfect time, as there’s a free weekend on Steam running until May 3rd, and all the game’s editions and DLC are 50% off on Steam right now

Our own Not So Massively column recently took a look at how Iron Harvest has evolved since launch, praising the steady march of updates (even if we did totally whiff predicting what the new faction would be).

Source: Steam
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