V Rising adds pick-up-and-play Steam cloud support for private games


Is it just me, or did V Rising seem like it came out of nowhere to become one of the unlikely multiplayer hits of 2022? Certainly a lot of people are talking about — and playing — the vampiric sandbox, even though it’s only in early access.

Even as the game’s bloodsuckers evade the sun, they’ll have to contend with the stream of patches and hotfixes that Stunlock Studios has in the works. This week’s patch made a significant change for private game users, as Steam cloud support’s been added. This means that players can now continue their progress on different computers by accessing the same save.

The patch also added an option to limit the frame rate, fixed some bugs, and hid players’ gear score from others while viewing the Steam server list.

V Rising is 10% off on Steam through July 7th.

Source: V Rising
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