Iron Harvest launches Operation Eagle expansion, goes on sale


Iron Harvest 1920‘s first expansion, Operation Eagle, arrived this past week, bringing with it the American Usonia faction, new flying units, and a new story campaign.

Usonia sets itself apart from previous factions with a heavy emphasis on air units and area of effect attacks, with virtually all of their mechs dealing splash damage over a wide area.

The new campaign — playable solo or in co-op — takes players from Alaskan snowstorms to the dunes of Arabia with seven new missions and over twenty-five minutes of new cinematics. The campaign also features several additional new playable units drawn from rebellious Bedouin tribes, including camel-mounted mini-guns and grenade-throwing assassins.

Even if you don’t pick up the expansion, you’ll still be able to enjoy many of the features of Operation Eagle, including new air units for the old factions and improved AI.

If you’re new to Iron Harvest, you can currently pick up the game for 50% on the Epic Store. This discount also applies to the deluxe edition, which includes Operation Eagle and the Rusviet Revolution DLC for no additional charge. Meanwhile Steam users have the exclusive option to buy and play Operation Eagle as a standalone, in case you’re only interested in Usonia or want to make a smaller purchase before committing to the full game.

Our Not So Massively column has covered the game extensively, with special note to its sophisticated storytelling.

Source: Steam
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